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5 – 30
To generate an atmosphere of trust and relaxation amongst the participants of the workshop.
Opening, Middle
On-site: Indoors, Outdoors
Group dynamic
Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older adults
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          20 min
          1. Ask participants to locate in the center of the room forming a circle and facing the center.

          2. Explain the participants that they are going to present themselves by saying, "I am ... and my ... itches” While they say this, they have to scratch the body part that they chose (e.g. the nose). Immediately, the person on the right must introduce themselves by saying "he / she is ... (mention the person which was presented earlier) and his/her nose itches (scratches that person’s nose), and I am ... and my ... itches (scratches the body part mentioned).

          3. Ask for a volunteer to start the activity and continue until all the people have presented themselves. You will be the last person to do this. You must not forget to scratch the previous person and yourselves.

          4. You will be the last person to come forward and you will use your turn to thank for everyone’s participation while welcoming everyone to the workshop.