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The better person

1 – 30
To promote self-worth
Human rights: Identity; Enforceability: Empowerment, Self-esteem
Middle, Closing
On-site: Indoors, Outdoors; Remote: Self-taught, Tutored; Semi-distance
Group dynamic, Individual work
Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older adults
by Defensoría del Pueblo de Ecuador,
adapted from Educación en ciudadanía, derechos humanos y buen vivir: Manual de implementación para facilitadores y facilitadoras, por Defensoría del Pueblo de Ecuador, 2016, Quito: DPE.
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  • Link with experience10
  • Integrate knowledge5
    • For virtual modes, ask the participants for a photo in advance.
    • Mirror inside a shoebox
      Link with experience
      10 min
      1. Previously, prepare a box (preferably of the type used to pack shoes), which can be closed and easily opened, with a mirror inside.

      2. Ask everyone to form a circle and instruct them that to close this topic, a person that because of their qualities, characteristics and value has been prominent in the group over others, has been selected .

        Note: In workshops for protection in situations of humanitarian crisis for public servants, people should ask the following question: For you what is the person who has more tools to help protect and guarantee the rights of others?

      3. Point out that they'll know who that person is when they see the inside of the box you will move around.

      4. Ask them , when they open the box and see inside who the person selected is, to remain silent and deliver the box to the person next to them. The box must return to the facilitator.

      Integrate knowledge
      5 min
      1. Make a brief closure stating that:

        • All people are different from each other; each with "unrepeatable characteristics as, for example, their personality, their potential, their aspirations, their environment, all of which makes us individuals to the full extent of the word, ie, the differences, which are innumerable,  define us as unique beings "(DPE, 2015, p.16), and with the same dignity.

        In its preamble, the Ecuadorian Constitution states that we intend to "build a society that respects, in all its dimensions, the dignity of individuals and communities". (CRE, Preamble)