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I can

1 – 30
Identify elements that may enable people to develop resilience in the context of any crisis.
Human rights
On-site: Indoors
Plenary session, Individual work
Adolescents, Adults, Older adults
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  • Link with experience20
  • Reflect10
  • Integrate knowledge0
  • I am, I Have
  • This activity should be developed after activities where you need to refer to the issue of resilience, specifically "Wherever my dreams take me" and "In the shoes of the victims".
  • Balloons
    Link with experience
    20 min
    1. Give each person a card from the resource "I am, I have" and instruct them to fill each of the points in accordance with the following instructions:

      • I have: people around me in whom I trust and/or that I can count on unconditionally and can  help me interact by myself. It can also be people that with their tips help me avoid hazards or problems.
      • I am: a description of what I am, both emotionally and physically. Example: I am a person who likes to help other people, I'm happy when I read a book or play football, I'm very attached to my family, I am strong and tall, etc.
      • I am: describe the situation in which I find myself, for example: I'm sure that everything will be fine, I am committed to help my community, I am willing to take responsibility for my actions, I am sad and I accept it, etc.
      • I can Describe tools they have to overcome the crisis. Example: I can talk about what makes me feel bad, I can find a way to solve my problems, I can help my community, I can feel and express affection, etc.
    2. Give each person a balloon and have them, with items on the card, think about how they can rebuild their dreams or their life plan. Ask one or two volunteers to share their response.

    3. Ask everyone to fold the card "I have, I am" as small as possible and to put it inside the balloon. Now ask them to start inflating the balloon as much as they want their dreams or projects to be materialized.

    10 min
    1. Reflect through the following questions:

      • How did you feel about the activity?
      • What elements are necessary for the reconstruction of our dreams or life projects?
      • How can we help people who have suffered a crisis to develop resilience?
      • Why is it important that these people can develop the ability to rebuild their life projects?
    Integrate knowledge
    0 sec
    1. Point out that resilience is the ability of people to rebuild themselves and develop in a psychologically healthy way, despite living in conditions of high risk or having faced crisis situations.

      Rebuilding our dreams and life projects is being resilient.

      All of us have this ability, and it is manifested in different ways and at different times, however, we can also support this process.