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I would like to be

5 – 30
To meet each other and foster an environment of trust among the participants of the workshop.
Human rights: Identity
On-site: Indoors, Outdoors
Group dynamic
Children, Adolescents, Adults, Older adults
by Defensoría del Pueblo de Ecuador,
adapted from Colección de dinámicas 1: Dinámicas de presentación, J. Gómez, s.f. (
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    • The instructions may change if instead of mentioning an animal, we change for other elements such as a plant, an element (water, earth ...), a famous person, etc.
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        20 min
        1. Ask participants to form a circle in the center of the room.

        2. Tell them they will be saying their name and at the end they should add the phrase "and I would like to be ... because ... ", and they will mention an animal and the reason they would like to be it.

        3. Ask a volunteer to initiate the activity and continue until all participants have presented themselves, you being the last person to do this.

        4. Close the activity highlighting the diversity of the group reflected on the different ways of thinking, feeling, acting, visions that each person has of the world and how these elements relate to the identity. In this sense, you can point out that this diversity should not imply inequalities, but instead, it allows us to recognize each other as similars (with the same dignity and rights) being so different from each other.