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Fulfilling my role in your life project

12 – 30
To recognize the role of public servants in regard to the life project of others
Human rights, State obligations
On-site: Indoors
Socio-drama, Group work
Adolescents, Adults, Older adults
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  • Link with experience35
  • Reflect10
  • Integrate knowledge10
  • My role and your life project
  • You can previously ask the participants to bring materials to dress up and act out the different characters
  • White paper sheets
    Link with experience
    35 min
    1. Organize groups and assign one of the characters of the resource to each group: My role and your life project Hand out large sheets of paper and markers

    2. Ask each group to read the situation of the character that corresponds to them and answer the questions found in the resource on the large sheet of paper, so that the character, the life project of characters, risks to observe in the humanitarian action, and the actions to be executed can be identified.

    3. Ask the groups to prepare a skit in which the following aspects can be observed:

      • The risks to observe
      • The actions to be developed in order to contribute to the achievement of the characters' life project starting from the institutional mission.
    10 min
    1. In plenary promote reflection based on the following questions:

      • How did you feel playing the characters?
      • What are the risks affecting the life projects of the characters? How do these risks affect the life project of the characters?
      • Do you think that the identified risks are obstacles to achieving or reinstating the life project of the characters?
      • Currently, do you believe that the institutions in this shelter are prepared to identify these risks?
      • Do you think you are prepared to handle cases such as the ones analyzed?
      • Are joint actions that allow the attention from the protection point of view coordinated and developed ?
      • Are the different institutional roles taken into account?
    Integrate knowledge
    10 min
    1. Do a closure stating that:

      • One of the functions of human rights is to see that everyone fulfills their life project. The obstacles to achieve this are human rights violations. Favorable conditions are the expression of the realization of human rights.
      • In this context, protection means to ensure, without discrimination, the rights of people affected, contributing to the restoration of their life projects.
      • Furthermore, such protection is related to the reduction of situations that threaten the dignity, freedom and equality of people and, therefore, the exercise of their rights.
      • Protection in this sense is understood as contributing to these affected people and communities to develop their capacities, it involves the restitution of the exercise of rights attached to an immediate, short, medium and long term process, reducing conditions leading to increased risk for the violation of rights.